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A Tea Party Patriot is a real person. A person who no longer sides with  Democrats or Republicans. A person who belongs to a growing population in this nation that have their own thoughts and beliefs that fit into no catagory. A Tea Party Patriot believes this nation is still great, and will never make apologies for loving it. Get ready for November 2012. We are going to tell our President, our Congress, and our House of Representatives that they no longer represent the real people of this nation. The original patriots of this country used a tea party to get their point across to a government they no longer supported. We're using this one to get the same point across. Old idea, New spirit.

For anyone who doesn't know, or who doesn't understand, allow us to explain what a TRUE Tea Party Patriot believes in. 
1. Fiscal Responsibility (You have to balance your budget every month. Why shouldn't the Government have to do the same?)
2. Constutionally Limited Government (The Constitution tells us what our Government is and is not allowed to control.)
3. Belief in the Free Market (There should never be a term like "Too big to fail".)